5 things to do on your boyfriend’s birthday (when you’re away!)

Are you in a long-distance relationship? Or has recently moved to a place far away from your love one?

Me too!

As if settling down and adapting self to the new place isn’t hard enough, my boyfriend’s birthday is coming up!

Given the fact that I have classes to attend, books to read, and chores to do (not to mention having a LIFE here!), I don’t really have time to plan the surprise birthday party like I used to. In fact, I have to confess that I was so overwhelmed with all the new things that I almost forgot this important date. When I realized, there were only a couple of days left!

However, I don’t want to disappoint him on his birthday, so here are the 5 things I do:

1. Birthday Card

Since Packages take longer to arrive, I rushed to a card shop and bought a nice, masculine card. I don’t think it’s necessary for the front of the card to say Happy Birthday or anything. I just wanted a card that reminds me of him and remind him of me. So I chose Gillian Kyle’s Tunnock’s chocolate bar foil-print card just because we both love eating it. Inside, I filled up both sides of the card describing all the things I would have done had I been with him on this special day. Then, I went to the post office with the intent to have it sent express but the express mail costs 50 quids!!! Who would pay that kind of money to mail a birthday card!!! So in the end, I had it sent by royal mail, hoping that he’d get it in time. (The card looks something like this but with a much nicer pattern which I can’t seem to find online!)

2. Birthday Cake

Oh well, a birthday is not complete without a cake, is it? However, I don’t have proper baking utensils with me right now so I didn’t think I can make one. Fortunately, I found a recipe on Youtube that’s quick and easy to make, using a mug and a microwave. So I’m all set for tomorrow with the MugCake, thanks to SortedFood!

3. Birthday Present

As my boyfriend is a HUGE Manchester United Fan, I browsed through the site’s online catalogue and selected a few and ask my brother to check them out at my country’s MAN U store so that he could buy and mail it to my boyfriend in time. Trust me, every guy will be thrilled if you give him his favourite football team products. Turns out that everything is out of stock. Dang! So, for this one, I’m screwed! But if you want to check out the store, here’s the link: http://store.manutd.com

4. Birthday Wishes

One of the best thing I can give him is a wish, but I’ve written all the wish I could think of in that card already. Fortunately I came across a beautiful sight tonight. Apparently, there was fireworks at the golf course near my flat. So I filmed it from my living room window while singing happy birthday, and sent the video to him. What a way to celebrate a birthday, eh? That’s about the best birthday wish one can get. (The video below is last year’s fireworks; this year’s is pretty similar. Thanks Jontydoggy for the video.)

5. Birthday Talk

Without the birthday Present, I thought the only gift that’s left for me to give him and that he would appreciate is TIME. Consequently, I’ve cleared all my schedule as he’s asked. And on his Birthday, we will be talking all day on(oh well, not all day bcos of the different time zone, but I will get up really really early to spend time with him!), blowing some candles, eating Mugcake, and talking about everything we can think of!

Let’s hope he’ll enjoy the birthday. Fingers crossed!


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